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Four Technical Items So Far

micro Triode Control Board

This page contains the schematic and PCB layout for the micro Triode Control Board. The uTCB started with inspiration from GM3SEK's (formerly G3SEK) fine TCB kit. uTCB uses a Cypress pSOC microcontroller to implement the digital logic, timer, and metering circuit. This results in lower part count and simpler electrical design.

Bill Orr's Voltage Doubler Graph of R Factor

This page provide a copy of the graph from pg 728 of The Radio Handbook, 17th edition, by Bill Orr W6SAI. The graph helps designers to estimate voltage under load for voltage doubler type power supplies as a function of secondary resistance.

Mapping and Propagation

This page show the UHF propagation and coverage from various hill tops in New Hampshire in map form as computed by Radio Mobile, a program by VE2DBE.

PCS Cellular Amplifiers
A large quantity of PCS (1900 MHz) amplifiers became available for the taking. The W2SZ/1 crew picked up most of them and several other people also got some. The next task will be to create the modification for 1296 and/or 2304 MHz.

jeff millar, wa1hco

Updated November 25, 2005